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Vincent Versace, Jens Petersen, walk a mile in their moccasins at photokina

There photowalks and then there are x-rite photowalks. The main difference lies in who you are walking with. If you like to take a little tour with such masterful photographers as Vincent Versace or Jens Petersen, then clearly the XritePhotowalk is the right choice for you.

Like so many of the outdoor workshops during photokina, this walks take advantage of the fact that Cologne is a wonderfully picturesque city full of historic beauties. OK, if I am perfectly honest I still would not bank on coming home with killer photos from such a photowalk. Usually this won’t happen. But in any case you should upload your photos afterwards to the Xrite Flickr group because chances are really really good that you win one of the nice prices that Xrite gives away for the people who joined the walk

However, if I am shooting along with guys like Vincent (oh, please just have a look at his award winning book “Welcome to Oz: A cinematic Approach to Digital Still Photography”) then I know that I am definatly going to take home some good solid new knowledge- ...ehm, and with a new T-Shirt - because x-rite is giving you a cool photowalk t-shirt in a size of your choice as part of the package.

OK, let’s talk a bit about the price of the package. All in all this workshop will cost you...nothing. Exactly. It’s totally free. Xrite completely sponsors your time out. All you need to do is sign up for one of the 3 photowalks right now. They will accept a maximum of 40 registrations per walk and spots are filling up fast.

Here’s your options:

  • Session 1: Wednesday 22nd September @ 7 am Starting Point (Train Station Deutz, Exit Messe) with Vincent Versace, Thomas Kunz & Chris Halford (Language: English) – Shooting in the Rheinpark in the Heart of Cologne
  • Session 2: Wednesday 22nd September @ 5 pm Starting Point (Köln Tourismus Information center in front of the main entrance to the Cologne Dome) with Jens Petersen & Thomas Kunz (Language: German) Shooting in theHistorical Center of Cologne
  • Session 3: Friday 24th September @ 7 am Starting Point (Train Station Deutz, Exit Messe) with Vincent Versace, Thomas Kunz & Chris Halford (Language: English) Rheinpark in the Heart of Cologne

I signed up for Session1 and you should jump quickly to the registration page and signup for your session:


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Before, during and after this walk I wish you good light!
-- Michael

Oh yes, I noticed that the English walks are starting pretty early in the morning. And yes, you might heard me saying that not only the early bird catches the worm, but pretty much all of the birds do - even the very late ones. But hey, how often do you have the chance to shoot along with such skilled guys? For free? So I will set my alarm clock early and so should you - at least this time.

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