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Shoot the hottest camera test chart at photokina

Here’s some maintenance work that you will want to do for your beloved digital DSLR - possibly for entirely the wrong reasons. I mean photographing a huge test chart is one thing, but if a part of the test chart is a living, topless model with a color calibrated bodypainting on her chest, then the maintenance work gets a whole different spin.


Our friends from Image Engineering call this “the world's first living testchart”. The project is called “My Camera Check”. While other might talk about "living colors" they literally feed them into your camera. The model Sue Cassady is standing with her bodypainting in front of their standard test chart once per hour. You snap photos, give them to the guys from Image Engineering who will then analyse them in their lab and send you a detailed report - no matter if your point of focus was on Sue's eyes or on her "color calibration diagram".

By shooting this test photo and have it analyzed by Image Engineering you can check if the settings of your camera are OK - or in other words if you are in full control of your settings. Or you can compare different lenses of yours. Or - if you convince the guys at Hasselblad to borrow you their latest flagship camera for a moment, you can scientifically check if this monster cam is truly better than your. It's all fine - and it's free. Yes, they do the whole report for you at no cost.

But that's not the only reason that you should do this check in any case. You should participate even if it’s just to celebrate that we are in a truly open-minded country where a topless living test chart is perfectly fine on a reputable trade fair. I’m serious about this one. It’s a huge gift which we enjoy. Most people on this planet do not live in countries with so much freedom. That’s why I would always support such funny and open minded projects.

Be sure to walk by

My Camera Check
Boulevard A005

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I wish you good light!
-- Michael


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