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Why the Sunlight Tracker iPhone App Is Awesome for Photography

Sunlight Tracker iPhone app manages sunset and sunrise for photographersLadies and Gentlemen of the class of 2010. If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. Scientists say that the long term benefits are even bigger, if you stay clear of direct and hard sunlight. Those scientists would make awesome beauty photographers because their advice is SO TRUE – in our profession!


Once you are out and about with your camera, the sun is the dominating factor in your shoot. Does it wrap your subject into a charming light, making the whole scene really flirting with your lens? Or will it hit your sensor hard and destroy all life in your photos by punching some nasty burn outs into your frames?


It’s wise to plan a bit ahead from which direction and which angles the sun comes into your scene. If you are one of the lucky photographers who answers his calls on an iPhone, then there is good news for you. And it’s right here in a blogpost titled “Sunlight Tracker free for a limited time“


And if you like to learn how you can use this little app in order to manage your sun, then absorb the video below - even though the strange moderator with the funky headset is a little bit, well, hard to get used to. But see yourself:

Don't read beauty magazines unless they print your own photos!

Good light and trust me on the Sunlight Tracker!

-- Michael

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thanks for the tip!

Hope you are doing great, Giulia!

I love this totally. I wear sunscreen all the time.Great job!

Hi friend
this app is so interesting, but
if someone know susn's ecliptica
you do not need this app
I know that in North hemisphere all subject face to the North do not receive sun light any time in the year..
In south is the same facing south...
So if I know the Lat & Long coordinates of a pace...I can realize what hour and position the sun will be on position I desire...


Study Eclíptica

so long

thanks for your precious tips and tricks with storbs
I have use some
see my page


> simple
> Study Eclíptica
Awesome tip. But well, I'm really not made for studdying. I guess I rather go shoot some photos.

Pretty interesting, Michael. But, i have to say it -- this app is a tad useless, don't you think? ;) Who would bother about the sun when photo opportunities abound? It's not everyday that you have to shoot under the sun's glaring heat, anyway. Sunscreen wil do excellently for me, thank you! :)

Wow, what maazing photography. I'm an amateur photographer and hav ebeen struggling to hsoot in silhouette for ages. Thanks for the tips e ryhteally helped

That was a great tips. I like the capture of the photo you show in your blog. Thank you for the idea.

That is a brilliant shot above. Im a novice when it comes to photography yet i am progressing. From one Michael to another, thanks!

That silhouette photo is simply stunning! The sun was captured at the perfect moment.

That is a brilliant shot above. Im a novice when it comes to photography yet i am progressing. What amazing photography. I'm an amateur photographer and have been struggling to shoot in silhouette for ages.

Is the new (cryptic and hard-to-find) name for this application: The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE) ?


i loved reading your article! It's not only informative, but entertaining as well. :)Keep writing and help make photography fun again! :)

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