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How To Backup Your Photos After The Photo Shoot With Sugarsync

Sugarsync is backing up your precious photo files.Short story: Click this link now and you are safe.

Complete story:
Nerdy computer scientists say, that nothing exists digitally unless it is stored in two physically separate locations. Imagine the precious photographs that you’ve just shoot, a whole days effort, a lot of unique pictures that would be impossible to reshoot and all of a sudden – they don’t exist anymore.

Of course that’s our photographers nightmare, but I’ve seen it happen a number of times already with fellow photographers. I’m always feeling soooo sorry for them – on an emotional level, really.

So backing up photo files as soon as possible is absolutely crucial. But on the other hand – who really got time to backup the files onto another hard drive and then care that this hard drive is shipped to another physical place? Me? No sorry, I’m already busy with my next shoot. You?

Here’s what I do about it: There’s this nifty little application named Sugarsync which sits on the menu bar (Mac) or task bar (PC). Sugarsync shuffles tons of data quickly from my laptop into an secure online storage and onto my workstation at the office. Fully integrated into my photography workflow; Fully on autopilot. I have to do.... nothing. Ain’t that cool?

Go check out this video and I will show you how I use it:

If you think Sugarsync is for you – and I’m absolutely sure it is – then please follow my affiliate link:

==> Try FREE for 30 Days

It takes you directly to a page where you can start a free trial. You will be amazed how smoothly this thingy is working for you. This application is is online storage done right. You will feel how good it feels to know that your precious photos are backed up secure.

So stop worrying about backup, start thinking about your next cool photo shoot.

Good light!
-- Michael



Hi Michael,

Excellent post. I spent 15 years in IT before moving to photography, and believe me, the nerds are right. It's not whether you disk will fail, but WHEN it will fail, so a good backup is essential. Photographers generate a lot of large files during a shoot, and a reliable fire and forget backup system means you can concentrate on your photography rather than worry about backups. Personally, I've been using Carbonite for a few years - does the same as Sugarsync, but it's based around an account for a machine, rather than a person. It also allows unlimited backups which is a real help with all the data I generate.

Yes, carbonite is great too. I personally did not test it yet. For unlimited online backup space I am using Mozy 2.0 - also a really cool service.

SugarSync, Carbonite and Mozy are all great services. They all offer slightly different things. I found a great site showing a comparison of the "Top Ten" online storage providers that really helped me out. Personally I ended up going for LiveDrive.

Actually I stopped using Mozy because they changed their business model. They don't offer unlimited storage anymore. I am back to the old, manual "copy to a second drive" workflow

Thanks for a bit of information on the Sugarsync application. I guess my only concern would be how well the privacy is on the online storage site. Is it secure? The only thing worst than losing all my material is someone I don't know having access to it.

I guess that's a valid concern, cousin. Even in the most trustworthy company in the end it human beings like me and you who are working there. They have their very own agenda and we don't know how that is looking like.
If I shoot my regular sort of photos, I am not afraid about anybody abusing them. However, if I would ever shoot photos for the latest top secret book of a famous superstar, then I would probably keep all things under control personally and refrain from uploading anything to other companies servers.

I knew nothing about Sugarsync before losing a ton of my personal photos. Thank you for posting this, I am definitely going to incorporate this with my new files.

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Great post. Thanks for shaing the information on the Sugarsync application. Its really an great application.

Many thanks to you. Sugarsync very helped me

Excellent post thanks for sharing it with us.

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