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l don't need to tell you to watch your back...

But I’m just about to do it - and I mean it literally. Let me tell you the story of cousin Wouter Brandsma, a talented and brave Dutch photographer and blogger. Recently he was out of luck. He actually broke his back.

What stunned me was, the very next day he was blogging again on his photography blog.

It reminded me that we photographers a lot of times actually do harm to our back. We are carrying heavy 5kg camera lens combinations. We are holding it for much to long time intervals  in front of our heads. We are carrying 20kg camera bags on one shoulder, especially at the airport in the queue in front of the check in counter where we want give the impression that our bag is lightweights like a feather and that there is actually no need to check if it is heavier than the allowed 5kg for cabin luggage.

But we do things that are even much worse. Check the little video:
Please forgive me if I am a bit too much of a healthnut over here, but I really think many of us have the opportunity to decided to lead a much healthier life which usually is... a more happy life. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like this way of working also helps me to be more energetic, get more stuff done and add less weight in the process.

I wish you good light!
-- Michael

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Great Job! This is the most unusual and unexpected photo tutorial ever. :)

Thank you Jan-Marco. I was not too sure if such a tip would be useful. But then again, working at a standing desk had such a profound impact on my productivity and vitality, that I am confident that it's suitable to help a number of fellow photographers, too.

Great tip today, thanks.


Thank you, Alan, I hope it will be benefitial for you.

Nice socks dude! No, seriously, you do have a good point. Thanks for an entertaining and informative video!

Thanks Anne! Sure enough, my socks can't compete with the nylons of my models, but then again, I am quite happy that it is like this and not the other way around.

Great tips Michael, especially coming from someone who is actually doing them himself and has seen the benefit. I plan to setup a standing desk soon, though the adjustable lifts can be expensive. Would also recommend doing stretches regularly for hands, arms, legs, neck and looking away from the monitor for periods of time to reduce strain on your eyes.

Hi Brian, yes, I agree, it's a really good tip to stretch every now and then. As for the adjustable lifts: I got a pretty simple working desk from Ikea. It's driven up and down by a little electric motor. For me it is working excellent for the last couple of years. Yes, it did cost a few bucks more than Ikea's static desks, but it's so worth it.

I agree, it's a really good tip to stretch every now and then. As for the adjustable lifts: I got a pretty simple working desk from Ikea. It's driven up and down by a little electric motor. Thank you.

Hahaha, yes, mine is from Ikea as well.

this will surely be in my list. specially iv'e been editing for more than 4 hours straight. great great tip, michael! Thanks!

I am glad you go for a healthy solution!

Hard to get my thick German accent? Here's the transcript!

Hey fellow photographer, how is it going?

I’m Michael Zelbel and today I have got a little tip for you regarding your health as a photographer.

We photographers, we also know, trade diseases, like in the past, they came from handling chemicals which were not always really healthy. Thanks to Photoshop&Co, that’s gone today for most of us, we don’t have to do that anymore. What are we going to do now, what we are now doing, is we are sitting in front of our computer for ages, at least many of us do so. And for all of us who do that, I have got a little tip today, don’t do it anymore!

Don’t sit in front of your screen! Stand in front of your screen! Get yourself a standing table or a bistro table or something where you could put your computer on top and work with it. It’s so much healthier for your back and you are doing yourself a favor.

I was reminded a couple of days ago, how grateful every one of us can be, if we still get a healthy back. When I was twittering with a Dutch photographer named Wouter Brandsma. A great guy. What happened to him was he broke his back and one day later he was already updating his photography blog again. He was blogging stuff like shit happens, taking it with humor. I really couldn’t handle it like that, but he is just great. Then I thought, wow, we should really take care of our back and this is why I give you this tip today.

But then there are two more tips I feel I should give you. That is for A, if you are standing all day, then have healthy home shoes like these babies and do your legs a favor and wear compression stockings, yeah just like those, yeah, these are slightly compressing stockings that you would wear when you do an overseas flight or something, they help your legs. So, if you are standing a lot, healthy home shoes and compression stockings. All right, that is my little healthnut tip for today and hope you don’t mind that I go crazy on health and let me know any comments on what you are thinking about it here.

I hope to see you again next Thursday. Until then, I wish you a lot of fun with your healthy photo shoots and good light!

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