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Photokina Spotlight Tours

Oh, oh, some readers got the impression that when it comes to photokina I would blog about freebies only. Nope. Here’s something that comes with a pricetag: EUR 5,-. And it’s worth every penny because it’s very interesting and it fuels your creativity. Creativity, I believe, in some respect is similar to driving a car. You have to fuel up every now and then. If the tank of your car is empty then it goes nowhere but downhill until you fuel it up again.

So how to get a new tank full of inspirations for creativity? Photokina hosts quite a number of inspiring photographic exhibitions. The visual gallery is huge and in addition to that every hall and every passage hosts multiple exhibitions.

Creative photos printed and exhibited in creative ways. An awesome source for fueling up.

When I’m visiting galleries and exhibitions, I am always curious about the background of photos. How were they made? What was the intention?

That’s why I was really glad to hear that this year there is actually a team of art experts doing guided tours through selected photokina exhibitions. You walk in a group with an expert who will explain backgrounds and will discuss with you about the presented photos. If that is not the nicest possible 1 ½ hour escape from endless queuing and elbow-wrestling in front of the vastly overcrowded booths of the camera brands.

The Kultur-Event-Buero team around Anke van Heyl offers various so called „Spotlight Tours“ focusing on different topics. All tours are done in English and German. The fee per tour is EUR 5,- and it’s absolutely worth it.

==> Check their topics and their schedule

I highly encourage you to join at least one of their tours. Book them in advance or to go to their meeting point at shortly before the next tour starts.

Passage 4-10

With a bit of luck there is still some space for you in the next Spotlight Tour.


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I wish you good light!
-- Michael


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