On Location PhotographySubmitted by Michael on Tue, 2010-04-06 14:43

Shower Curtain Softbox for Bodyscapes Part 2

Would you like to give your bodyscapes the edge? With some deliniation light? This video is a little add-on to my previous video regarding how to use a showercurtain as a softbox for photoshoots.

In this video I am just adding a little speedlight behind the model so that light is falling right through her legs, giving me some definition when photographing her private parts or her buttocks.

This video is just 2 minutes:

I also updated the lighting diagram and added the additional little flash and softbox.

Example photographs, notice the delineation between and arround her legs:

Model: Linxi
Location: Hotelroom in Beijing
Photos: Michael Zelbel

Oh, I hope my apartment in Austria has a showercurtain because I'm bringin my camera with me :P

Cousin Ted, made any cool photos in your apartment in Austria?

Fantastic little add-on and great images from some very resourceful thinking and creativity!

great idea

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