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Show for new photo ideas - today's topic: Sexy Smell

Do you need new photo ideas? Here’s a new one of mine. And I am going to explain to you why I think the idea is going to work.
This video in fact is the start of a new program here on my blog. It’s called “Photography Ideas” and it is about all sorts of cool ideas in the area of glamour photography.

I’m going to post a video of this program every 4th Thursday of the month. It’s replacing the old program “Photography Success”, which was not so particularly interesting for many viewers. However, I’m going to continue to talk about success strategies, but in a much smaller circle and in a different format. I am thinking about a regular coaching call, much like I do it with my coaching clients, but I did not decide about that yet.

So on with photography ideas, here’s the first quick idea which I am trying out in this video with cousin Notorious Estrella.

If I had a Ph.D. in photography I'd probably explain my idea like this: “In order to express a sensory impression that cannot be directly depicted, you can to tap into the mind of your viewer and call up his memories of a situation in his past in which he experienced the sensory impression that you want to portrait.”

Well, unfortunately I don't hold a Ph.D. - I don't even have any formal education. Evening classes? Nope. I guess that's why I prefer to shoot a complete video just in order to give you the little tip that I have for you today:

Here’s the lighting diagram of the shoot:



Model: Notrorious Estrella

I wish you good light!



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Hard to get my thick German accent? Here's the transcript!

Hey fellow photographer, how is it going, you are watching photography ideas and I am Michael Zelbel and here is a topic that I have got for you today. In this video, I am going to give you some fuel for your creativity, I have Cousin Notorious Stella with me and we are going to play around a few minutes with some lingerie. This is to demonstrate something well which nowadays is critically important for photographers who would like to be successful and what I mean is thinking outside the box. I mean if you need to make a photo expressing something like let us say blonde beauty, then that might be easy, yeah? No need to think outside the box whatsoever but what if your topic is let us say sexy smell. What are you going to shoot then? Yeah the way that I for instance, approach this sexy smell topic is like this: I assume that my viewer is familiar with the smell of used under wear. yeah So I place underwear right over the nose of my model and voila! She must be smelling it, right? and then we are making this photo with an obviously matching combination of bra and panty and that is because I believe it makes the photo working like this: as the model wearing the corresponding bra, it is likely that the viewer gets the impression that she must have been worn the panty already. And the fact that she is wearing the panty as a sort of mask, might suggest that the situation might be a sort of erotic game or something. In addition to that the viewer might guess that the model is nude below her waist because while the bra is still in place, the panty is obviously not. All of these impressions they might come across even stronger if we have a second person to the scene. So here is a quick try of the scene together with Cousin Emily and I think it is working well. I won’t discuss lighting with you because it is pretty similar to light that I just discussed in another video and it is very simple one light set up. I am going to post a lighting diagram on smoking strobes below this video just in case. I don’t know yet if I am going to shoot more of these of underwear photos and make series out of it, I just wanted to give you an example of an idea that I just had and that it might make it into my future photos here and there. I did not research online yet but I guess there is a gazillion photos like these out there so the ideas probably are not so unique, however, I like it and if you like it too, go ahead and shoot your own version of sexy smell topic and post the results in the comment or if you are happy to share another idea of how to approach this topic or any other non depictable topic like this, let us know. At least I am very curious about it. So that is it for today, I really hope you found that useful. Let me know your opinion in the comments below your video and tune in next Thursday for the next video. Until then have a lot of fun with your photo shoots and I wish you good light!

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