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Make your Speedlights 100% Reliable for Flash Photography

It’s Thursday again so I’d like to share with you a little treasure that I discovered this week. If you are using Speedlights then you wil want to know how to use them 100% reliable.  And I found a little eBook that masterfully answeres exactly that need. As good as this is for you, for me that’s a tradgedy,

because the book covers a lot of the stuff that actually I wanted to cover in my next eBook. But my revenge knows no mercy: I spoil the authors secrets and go through his book in the video below. Make sure you watch it:

Click here and in order to get Ed's eBook

Get 100% Reliable Flash Photography

And here are my bonuses:
If you tell me your biggest takeaway from 100% Reliable Flash Photography, then I will try to dive into the very same topic in my upcoming eBook on Speedlight Photography. I will send you a copy of my book as soon as I got the first really good draft.

If you tell me what topic is missing in 100% Reliable Flash Photography or which topic you would like to see covered more in depth, then I will give you access to my eBook Beijing Blueprints and all it’s download material such as checklists, model contracts and the like.

To get one  or both bonusses just buy 100% Reliable Flash Photography via my afilliate links above or  here, forward me a copy of your email sales reciept and answer one or both questions above.

Good deal? Wonderful! I hope with your input I can draft an eBook that is at least as good as Ed Verosky's... tough time ahead of me.

See you next Thursday and until then
I wish you good light!
-- Michael



seems like a great book, downloading it right now. Don't know when I will be finished reading. I'll try to let you know witch part I'll like to see more covered.

keep up the great work!

kichu bujlam na.........

Pardon me, what does that mean?
Good light!
-- Michael

Like your blog......I came across it while I was looking up info for my Phottix Atlas triggers. You had a video posted demonstrating the triggers. On your blog I found a link to 100% Reliable Flash Photography and immediately downloaded it......It looks great so far........Remember, keep shooting and have some fun!

Hi David!
Thank you so much! I had a look at your blog and I really like that one too. A lot of valuable tips and links!

I wish you good light!
-- Michael

Hi Michael I have read the book of Ed. I must say it's a very good one and it has teached me allot about lighting setup's.
here are my remarks about your questions:
1. the INDOOR & OUTDOOR LIGHTING techniques. it's very handy to see how to position your speedlights at what distance to place them and on what power to set your flash. I don't see how you could describe this better, maybe you could include a one page card you can carry with you, that covers all the setups. (like an index).
2.the topic I missed the most is a topic about the equipment you can use. As for me (I just started with flash photography and I still need to buy equipment) it's not so easy to find what equipment is best for a starter, there are so many things they sell, and I would like to know what’s best to start with( please refer to a website like he did but one that is accessible! the zebra site is one big mess)
For example: when i bought my first speedlight I also bought this set of accessory's http://www.viewfinderphotography.co.uk/product_view.php?prod_id=477 , I don't know it what case I should use wha, so it would be handy to see when to use a dish, when a dome or other stuff. Or tell me if I actually need all that?

I hope my review is helpful to you for your upcoming book.

goodluck with it!

Hi Kris!
That's awesome feedback! Thank you so much! Seems like neither this ebook nor the Marc Wallace videos that you mentioned on Facebook address this type of question.

I'll try to shoot a quick little video to answer this as soon as I can.

In the meantime, I'll send you the download link for my last ebook.

I wish you good light!
-- Michael

Hi Michael

I'm happy the feedback was useful. if you need additional feedback on something you wrote (if it's understandable for a newbie) feel free to ask.

have a great day,

picture cracker

pants elephant

Fantastic review and I'm looking forward to reading it and seeing what new I can learn and what I've found missing from other books I've read. Thanks for the sweet incentive and all of your other AMAZINGLY fantastic tutorial videos and reviews. Much appreciated, both for the education and the entertainment/humor. =)

Also, please check the URL for this page... when I enter "http://smokingstrobes.com/reliableflashphotography" I get redirected to "http://smokingstrobes.com/reliableflashphotography " with as space on the end, which translates into "http://smokingstrobes.com/reliableflashphotography%20" when I try to bookmark it.

Thanks a ton, Brian. The space is something that I accidentally typed into the path of the page. I removed it now. Thanks a lot for making me aware of it.

Where should we send you the receipt?

Hard to get my thick German accent? Here's the transcript!

Hey fellow photographer
How’s it going, my name is Michael zelbel. Today I would like to talk to you about an awesome ebook that I found which is about beauty photography with speed lights.

I was amazed, and I would like to talk to you about the ebook I’m going to write, talk to you about it as well, and at end of this video, I would say I am going to tell how you can get my ebook as free bonus if you just tell me what topic you are interested in, but let’s start from beginning.

The thing is this: when I started to use speedlights for beauty photography, I was quite frustrated every now and then, quite often actually because the speedlights didn’t do what I want to do, the light wasn’t like what I wanted it. And it seems that I did set up everything correct but the damned things didn’t do their job. Of course that was rubbish and I just made a mistakes. However I can recall this was very frustrating, and over the time, I developed a couple of standards set-ups and standard processes, which enable me to get it right directly. Yeah. Now if I enter a location, I set up my lights, and the light is singing. Usually the very first frame. Some time I do a little bit of correction.
But let’s say the first time, I shoot, usually it’s perfect, and it is what I want it to be. It is not rocketscience. It’s just because these babies are quite good. And because I developed some standards. I wanted to give all of that in an ebook to my fellow photographers so that they can make use of that techniques as well.

One fellow photographer came to me and said: ”Hey look this ebook, 100% reliable flash photography, that’s really good.“ I didn’t know the author. The author is Edward Verosky. I look him up online and apparently he got quite a number websites. Obviously he is a really good photographer. He knows what he is talking about. So I had to look at his ebook and boy, it scares me, really really scares me. I mean he is doing awesome job with this ebook. How to say that? To explain complex topics, yeah, complex things, bring it down to very easy to understand parts. It is telling why something is working, the way working, and you can go on try it yourself, your steps are this and this, and the result will be pretty good. What particularly scares me that he sells this ebook for ten bucks. Ten bucks, less than a pizza!

I usually sell my ebook at 30 dollars, which I think it is already a bargin. Now my thinking is, if I write the ebook on similar topic on reliable flash photography. I charge 30 bucks and he is charging 10 bucks. My ebook needs to be 3 times as good as his ebook. And quite frankly, that would be very hard to achieve.

Let’s have a look into his ebook and see what’s already there. So it is the ebook 100% reliable flash photography. I really like it. He is doing example photos like this one That’s the scene with the singing consciers of the Four Seasons hotel. Really cool. And the thing is that he suggest is: always start with the same lighting setup. Basicly, the main light is coming from one side, from 45 degree angle to the subject, it’s a speed light with a shoot-through umbrella from one meter away from the subject. And his second speedlight comes from 45 degree behind the subject, 2 meters away, on 1/8 for power. He always use the same camera setting to shoot this thing, and it works. It is simply working, very well.

I strongly believe in the system he shows over here. In fact I got similiar system, and I know it is working. There’s a lot of good stuffs in this ebook Have a look at that photo, so cool, obviously lots of good stuffs in this ebook. But I won’t go through the whole ebook.

Ok so what I am going to do is this, um, I’ll try to get the afilliate link, I’ll post the link below the video in case you want to get the ebook yourself. I suggest you do. Please go through the afilliate link.

If you buy his ebook via afilliate link, send me the receipt. Tell me what was the best topic for you, what helped you most? And I’ll send you my ebook as soon as the draft is ready.

I’m just thinking I’ll do another thing. On top of that, I have another bonus. Because I think this book ends where my last ebook in Beijing Blueprint starts. This is an ebook that I already published. It’s an ebook which starts at a point, where you have technology already under control, and now you want to prepare for your photo shoots in the professional way. So you want all sorts of professional briefings, all the checklists, models contracts and so on. You want to organized your shoots in a way so that nothing can go wrong. This is what my ebook is about.

So I’m thinking about this. If you buy his ebook, if you buy 100% reliable flash photography via my afilliate link. And if you tell me what topic is missing in there, what would you like have to added or it is not enough, covered not enough, need to be covered more. If you tell me that point, then I’ll send you the access to my ebook and the Beijing Blueprint resources, checklists and so on. I’ll send it for free.
Yeah, I give two bonuses. Bonus one if you tell me the biggest topic in there, which is the best part, and then I’ll give my next ebook and if you tell me what is missing in there, then I will give you my last, my latest ebook And if you tell me both, I gave you both.

That’s the deal for today. For this Thursday, Last Thursday I already said that, I am posting now every Thursday. Next Thursday we have something very interesting as well, so I am looking forward to seeing you then again. All right, that’s for today. Like always, I wish you good light and lots of fun on your good shoots.


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