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The Digital Photography Workflow Handbook

Like to feature some heavy literature on your xmas wishlist? Think about it, it might make you look good in the eyes of the one the one who has to buy you a gift. So let’s talk about 1765 gram of solid digital photography workflow information in form of a book.

That’s more than 500 pages written to help you finding the most efficient way for taking your files off camera, processing them and finally managing your assets.  If so far you have been to lazy to really think through all the details of your workflow then this book comes to your rescue. The authors Juergen Gulbins and Uwe Steinmueller did the heavy lifting for you regarding exploring alternative scenarios for your workflow. I guess the book says it all, it's thick enough, so I will stop writing here. Instead have a look inside the book yourself:

If you like to look into the book using amazons free Look Inside feature then please click my affiliate link:

==> The Digital Photography Workflow Handbook

I wish you good light!

-- Michael

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Thanks for the good tip, Mike!

If you go to (, you can also buy an electronic version of this book. If you like buying according to the dollars per pound scale, however, the ebook is a poor choice! If you have purchased Uwe Steinmuller's prior edition of the Digital Photography Workflow Handbook, which goes by the name DOP2000, then upgrading to the new book in ebook format is only $19.95.

Awesome tip Dan! Thanks a ton!

thanks! good post

Thanks this looks really good, cant believe this is free!

Thanks a lot, Max

This looks really good. I can't believe this is free. Thanks for the good tip.

I was fond of photography this past days and I have been trying to make most of it. I have been watching tutorials and attending some workshop to do more good shots and explore my camera ;)

Awesome tip

This is a very nice Christmas gift. A lot of my friends own an HD Camera so it'll be good when they have this book in handy. Thanks for the idea. I hope they still have peak potential copies for this.

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