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Learn from - and discuss with Photoshop genius Robin Preston

Some photos are so incredibly good that you just don’t ever want to touch them with Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Nick Software plugins and similar. I wish I could say that about my photos, but... ehhm... let’s see it positively: Photoshop and Co. are great fun to work with if you just know how to work with them in a goal oriented, efficient way.

I believe there are not very many people who master those tools as brilliantly as photographer Robin Preston. He’s a photoshop genius. And for sure there are not many people who can explain their tricks and timesavers in such an easy to grasp, simple and plain way as he does it - it’s absolutely fun to watch. How to do that? Well, two options: either pay big bucks for a Robin Preston seminar or - watch him at photokina’s Creative Alliance Theatre for free.

Every day at 14:00 and 15:00
Hall 4.1 booth I-010

But wait there’s more :-) Way more. When photokina closes doors is when the fun really starts. At 18:00 there is a clever and elite group of people gathering in the Creative Alliance Theatre and discussing about controversial and interesting topics of photography and image editing. You want to be part of it? Just go there at 18:00.

Register for your priority pass that let’s you enter the theatre without queuing. Guess how much that is? Correct, it’s free. Just takes a you couple of seconds to sign up and then print out your ticket. With a bit of luck you might even win a price - just for signing up:

Creative Alliance Online Registration

See the complete details of the shows and discussion groups in the

Creative Alliance Theatre Schedule

Go do it - it’s so worth it!

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I wish you good light!
-- Michael

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