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Interactive workshops with top photographers - for free at photokina

One of the things that brought me much further in my photography was, that I watched professional photographers live in action. I got a feel for how they really go about a particular photo which in turn gave me the confidence to shape how I would go about it. However, in most cases those top professional photographers would charge us an arm and a leg for watching them.

But here comes the beauty of photokina. There are some dudes who already generously paid for us. One of these noble people is Guido Karp. He got a big stage at photokina in

Hall 9.1, booth A050/ C058.

He booked some gorgeous photographers to perform on his stage right before your eyes. But wait there’s more: In between the shoots these photographers are running Q&A sessions where the audience is free to ask them any question. What technology do they suggest? How to climb the ladder in a photographers career? What to charge for this or that type of shoot? You name it. I suggest you take the chance, go there early and secure yourself a seat in the front row. Here’s the schedule of photographers on his stage:

Mike Larson (San Luis Obispo, California)
one of the world’s best wedding photographers

Steve Thornton (Atlanta, Georgia/ Milan, Italy)
World class fashion photographer

Tim Mantoani (San Diego, California)
Superior commercial photographer - his current exhibition series “Behind photographers” is one of the hottest in the world

Guido Karp (Koblenz, Germany/ Los Angeles, CA)
Music Photographer, toured as an exclusive for Robbie Williams, AC/DC and numerous more. More than 1000 music CD and DVD covers.

David Mecey (Los Angeles, CA)
Lingerie and female nudes - Playboy photographer for 23 years.

Emerging Talent

Here’s how they are going to structure the shows:

10:30 Show Block 1
Photographers select first models.
While in styling, photographer introduces himself, shows some
images of his work and presents the position he is in today.

11:00 Photo shoot starts
Photographer will explain the essence of his shoot, the set up and the catches behind the shoot.

11:30 Photo shoot ends
Photographer will explain the individual work flow of the shoot, editing in Lightroom, color corrections, retouch in Photoshop.

Photographer will sit and discuss the entire equipment used. This is not a sales promo, nor is the presentation paid by any of the manufacturer. Consequently, show visitors can rely on the experience the photographer shares with the audience.

12:00 Photographer will talk about the job aspect
Audience will have a chance to really get a sneak view behind the scenes and learn how the big shots of the world get their $$$$$ jobs.

Questions and answers.

12:30 Break

13:00 Show Block 2, as above

15:00 Break

15.30 Show Block 3, as above

17:30 Portfolio Review
Emerging talents have the chance to present their portfolios to the photographers on CD and the photographers will discuss the images.

18:00 Show ends

And once you have seen enough should you simply leave his booth? No, not before you got hold of one of the free DVDs that Guido is handing out at photokina. In June/July in sunny LA, Guido filmed a couple of hours training material with his guests. He did produce a DVD from that which he will give you for free at photokina. Don’t go home without that DVD. I mean, I have not seen this DVD yet - Guido is keeping it quite secret. But I already talked to some of the top photographers who are on the DVD. I expect that thing to be really cool, so I might refer to it in future blog posts. And if you did not pic up yours, then it might leave you crying - and we don’t want that, do we?

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I wish you good light!
-- Michael

Im getting high def in this information. Very interesting and useful information. It will be great help for me. Im glad to come across this site. Very informative!

Tifanny Swift

Nothing beats hearing the facts straight from the horse's mouth, eh? Wow, this is such a great opportunity for photography enthusiasts!

110% agree

I started out in photography too by snooping around in my dad's workroom. He was not a professional photographer, he was so into it as a hobby. He was an old timer. He had a huge Pentax camera and he developed his own photos! Imagine that! I feel so fortunate that, now, photographers no longer have to keep their fingers crossed that the shots they took will turn out like how they expected. As well,no more dark rooms for us. How lucky we are, eh? :)

Yes, we are incredibly lucky. Btw: I fell in love with your wedding photos. Great composition!

I never imagined that photography could be so confusing and complicated. So many gadgets and equipment to choose from! These days, scouting for the best investments can be quite overwhelming.

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