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Photokina 2010 Rumors, Facts and My Insider Tips

If you are planning on visiting the photokina 2010 fair in Cologne then read this post first, please. Just tell me that you are going there and I will share my insider tips with you. As soon as I hear about the truly interesting things that are going to happen there, I will send you a message. And once I find out which companies are offering the best giveaway, I will let you know as well. The photokina show is really awesome. 

But there’s so much more going on during the week of photokina. The whole city of Cologne will be full of photography events and workshops.

Have ever been flying in a gyrocopter above the city taking areal photos?

Did you do lightpainting?

How about underwater photography?

Ever build a pinhole camera?

All of this and much much more is going to happen in Cologne during photokina. Check out this little video that I just made for you: 

Get Insider Tips for the Photokina 2010 Photography Show

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I personally will be on the photokina every day. I hope to see you there, too. If you are planning on visiting photokina 2010, please opt in with your email here. If you want to hear from me exactly the minute I find out something good and you'd like it as a textmessage on your cellphone, then also type in your mobile number:


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I wish you good light!
-- Michael


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BTW, what do you think: Will we see a Nikon D95 premier at photokina? Will it feature full HD 1080p video with continuos autofocus? That's something I'm missing on my 5D MK II.

Good light!
-- Michael

Hard to get my thick German accent? Here's the transcript!

Hey, fellow photographer, how is it going? I’m Michael Zelbel and if you are going to attend the Photokina 2010 over here in Cologne, then this video is for you. Yeah, the Photokina is probably the biggest, and for me, certainly the most important trade fair about photography. That is where we photographers go to get our hands on the latest equipment, have a look at how it is used, wether we like it not, make an informed purchase decisions and so on. It’s great. It’s agreat event.

And I’m excited not only about the Photokina event itself. During the time of Photokin, the whole city of Cologne will be full of photography events, workshops and we are celebrating the Photo Cologne Festival. That means there are all sorts of opportunities.

I mean, have you ever been flying in a gyrocopter high up the sky taking areal photos? Or how about lightpainting, in a really good way? Or underwater photography? Or did you ever build your own pinhole camera? All of that will happen in Cologne during Photokina. So I’m sure it is great time to be here.

I will be on Photokina trade fair all six days. That’s because I am consulting one of the photography brands regarding marketing and I’m booked over there. So I will be around all the time and I will know a lot of stuff upfront very early. Yeah, a lot of Photokina rumors and Photokina facts. And I’m going to let you now about all of them, or let’s say, about the good stuff. So if it pays off to go somewhere, to attend something, I will let you know. That could be small things. It could be, for instance, if Hahnemuehle is giving away finart baryth paper for free for your inkjet I’m going to tell you where you can pick it up. Or if Canon more or less surprisingly release their new powerful speelight 680Ex, I will let you know where you can try it out. Or if we see the rebirth of Polaroid photography on Photokina, I will let you know how you can be part of that historic movement. So whatever is useful, I’m going to let you know.

A bunch of you will be on Photokina, you told me already, but a whole lot of viewers or readers of my blog, they are not there. So I don’t want to send it in my regular emails and spam a lot of you. I would like to set up a second list. So I’m asking you to opt in into the photography talk, Photokina edition, on my website. Fill in your email address, or if you want to have the tips as text messages on your mobile, fill in your mobile number and then

I’m going to send you that information as soon as I myself got it. One last thing, this week I would like to ask you, are you attending photography trade shops, in general, wherever you are on this planet. What trade shops do you find most interesting if you go to some? That would be really really interesting for me. All right, I hope to see you next Thursday and until then, good light!


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