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Successful photography business and how to get rich slow

I guess I have to admit that I am guilty. I am guilty of making some of my cousins feel like if they could simply take the lighting setups and tips from SmokingStrobes, put them into action and by doing so magically become a successful professional photographer with a well oiled photography business. Getting rich quick? Well, not quite.

To be perfectly honest, I myself am still working on getting rich ...slow. Very slow. I’m at a point at which I have a six figure income from photography. But making it 7 figures will still take me quite some time and energy.

There’s so much more to being a pro than I can post here on SmokingStrobes. In order to make money with photography you need much more skills than just knowing how to light and how to do a few tricks. Way more than I can teach over here. But at least I can give you the pointers to your path of success...and a few tricks...and a few resources.

That’s why I now start a new program named “Photography Success”, which is a video blogpost every 4th Thursday of the month. Accidentally today is the 4th Thursday so the first installment of this program is right here. Successful photography is a function of focus - and I don’t mean your lens. This time I am taking a quick look at what the “path to success” actually is. And I am asking you to check a resource which helps me to earn money from photography.

Have a look:

Don’t forget to check out Animoto so that you can offer a super slick video of your shoot the next time: http://www.animoto.com

I wish you good light!
-- Michael

I subscribe to your youtube channel and first viewed this video there.

I'm looking forward to this series to broaden my skills. For the film and digital illustrative photography that I've been conducting of the natural world since the 1970's, I have a handle on the technical side.

Thanks a lot Steaphany. I would be really glad if a newby like me can help a seasoned pro like you.

this is a really great idea thank you for thinking about the little people...lol No, I appreciate any advice.

Hahaha, thanks for being a good sport, Gerald. Actually I am exactly one of these little people :-)

Hey Michael,

Just tripped onto your site. It's looks good and looks like I will have some catching up to do. Hope you are keeping the great work up!!!


Sure cousin Tim, I'll soon start posting again. BTW: Cool avatar graphic!

ur really a great guy im very much impressive from ur blog its interested to read this all

Thanks a lot, TA!

Great videos Michael. I too am fairly new and use one or two speedlights for the majority of my work. Perhaps I'd buy more if I had more money. Keep up the tutorials, they are thoroughly enjoyable and interesting.

Yep. For sure a third speedlight for background lighting and/or kicker light would come handy.

Starting up a photography business really depends on your skills and the market that you're working in. Have you done any research on different markets? Where can I find that info?

Speaking of photography, what is a really good underwater camera that is affordable but takes clear sharp pics?

I think that was a good idea. I like the idea of teaching the techniques in how to success in photography. I really enjoy your video watching. Thank you.

I always wanted to have the right guide on practicing more about photography and I wanted really to learn more and more so I could get the best shots.

Awesome! If you have a particular thing that you would like to learn, then please let me know. Probably I can show you my take on it.

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