Glamour Photography TipsSubmitted by Michael on Thu, 2010-09-30 15:07

Be kind to your knees, you will miss them once they are gone!

Admittedly, in front of beautiful women I often fall down on my knees.

However, usually I am holding a heavy camera in my hands while doing so. I love to shoot fashion, beauty and even weddings from low points of view. But is that good for my knees? Yes, it’s perfectly alright. See why I think so.

I wish you good light!
-- Michael

Hi Michael - Thanks for continuing to present your great ideas in short video. Its great to see your proffessional work in such a way!

Im trying to discover a simple and easy to follow approach on "How to shoot jewelry in a style like the kneeprotector product photos" - Could you advise and reproduce a video on how this can be acheived?

Thanks - Luke

Hey Cousin! greetings from Puerto Vallarta Mexico, I just want to thank you for all your useful tips & tricks keep on!! best regards

yes, i think so , really miss again

This video brought to mind the idea of High Intensity Photography, where a photographer is all bundled up in protective gear and body armor.

I'm not making light of the need for body protection and do realize that studio shoots probably wouldn't get that intense. For photography out in the bush or wilderness, locales where things can go wrong, the old joke cartoon of a photographer with too long a lens walking backwards off a cliff comes to mind, physical protection is probably wise.

When I'm out location shooting, I must admit that I do consider the potential problems, but usually invest more in protecting my photography equipment than myself. ( I can heal, a camera that's gone off a cliff can't ;-) )

Knee guards! Classic!! You'll look like a volleyball player... or a fashion photographer who's ultra careful.

What a great article about taking good care of your knees. I have a knee injury and wish i took better care of myself. It is hard to remember to focus on your knees when there are so many other body parts that give us grief already. I think knee pads are a great way to protect your self from bruising.

Thanks a lot, cousin Frank! Hope you don't have too many bodyparts giving you grief :-)

nice posting,,,

Thank you, cousin!

I think that was great stuff. I like it when you get down by your knees it will support your pant or jean so that they will be dirt. Thank you.

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