On Location PhotographySubmitted by Michael on Thu, 2011-01-20 10:23

Having a one-light-stand, in the hotel...

… on the floor. Now why doing it on the floor when hotels are usually known for their comfortable king-sized double beds? Because this time, we wanted the photographs to look like studio photos. We manufactured a black floor by covering the floor with the black covers of my two collapsible reflectors. This gave us nearly 4 square meters of black ground. Sounds too small? Well, then let’s use the American way of saying it: Nearly 45 square feet of black floor - sounds much better :-)

As you might guess, in order to light such a spacious “arena” one speedlight... is plenty - an easy one light setup.
See yourself:





Model: Ajiao
Styling: Maomao

I wish you good light!
-- Michael


Hard to get my thick German accent? Here's the transcript!

Hey fellow photographer, how is it going? In this video I am going to show you or we are going to show you how to make a light which is dramatic for the body shape. I have got with me Model Ajiao who has got a fantastic body and she will pose for us over here on the ground and we will make the lights which comes from the back and goes just over her body and this is a light you have for body scapes. If your subjects have got a really good body shape or let us say if your subjects are really fine with her or his body then the slide is good, it will amplify whatever the body shape is. If the subject is not sure about their body and then this is no good light to try out then, then don’t do it because it will amplify whatever is there, it will amplify it by carving the body even more. The lighting set up is just quite easy, we just have some light through an umbrella from over here, just opposite to the camera and we put a reflector coating onto the group which make for black ground which is usually is color choice for this body scapes. All right let’s try that out. But first let us have a look at the details of our lighting set up. We made a black ground by using 2 large covers of reflectors to black covers, just put it behind each other onto the ground and we are posing the model pretty much at the edge of the first reflector, so that there is a lot of room behind her into the room which eventually makes it into the frame and a looks like a large black probably seamless backdrop or ground and yes since is it is a one light set up there is one speedlight, it is a 580 EX on 1/8 of its power and it is zoomed to 28 mm in order to fill the big shoot through umbrellas and this whole construction is pointing down to the model from the edge of the that last black cover, pointing down to the model at the height of 4 feet or 120 centimeter. The camera is on a 1/200s just sync nicely with what the speedlight. And it is on f/9 and ISO200 that is all it takes. All right as you have seen this light is really amplified the curves and the shapes this is why I say do it only if your subject is really comfortable with her body and it is also,you know, it is a quite intimate shooting situations such as the subject is posing on the ground and you’r close with the camera on the same level, so this is a set up which needs a trust but if you have got trust and the body shape is great, then that is really cool. All right that is it for today; see you on the next video, until then good light.

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