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Heaven sent: Radio trigger for Canon Speedlites

If you are a Canon shooter, take a look at what for me is the “Gear of the Year”. If you are a Nikon shooter, you are welcome to wear a big fat grin on your face, because a Canon user is raving about the fact, that there is finally a way to control Canon speedlites as in the nice, direct and intuitive way, that you have been used to all the time from your Nikon flashes. But keep your eyes open because just in case Phottix will ever release a Nikon version of the Odin, then for you this little gadget is as much a must have as it is for any Canon shooter who is working with TTL.


Check the details of Odin here:

==> http://zelbel.com/odin


Model: Coco
Styling: Emily


I wish you good light!
-- Michael



Hard to get my thick German accent? Here's the transcript!

Hey fellow photographer, how's it going?

My name is Michael Zelbel

And today, let me show you my secret weapon

for controlling my off-camera speed lights.

My magic wand for lighting, so to speak.

It's a very powerful radio trigger

and it's especially designed for Canon

The name is Phottix Odin

And it's far superior to any other system

that I have tried so far, and I've worked with

pretty much all brands of flash triggers.

Having said that, I can already hear

some old school photographers screaming

"No, no, nothing can be better than pocket wizards!"

Let me tell you from my experience

with all of those triggers:

If you are shooting Canon,

then forget about all the other systems.

What you want to have is a Phottix Odin flash trigger.

That's really it.

There is no other device which let's you control

your off camera flashes, well, I  would say

so good and intuitive like this thing.

I mean, let's take simple setups.

Setups where all flashes are on manual mode:

Still with the Odin everything is completely

controlled remotely from on cameara

with the Odin transmitter on camera.

That's just sweet!

But that's the easiest exercise for this trigger.

Of course, there are these traditional ETTL setups

where you balance groups A and B with lighting ratios

and that's not the easiest thing to set up usually

but it can be powerful in some situations.

Of course this flash trigger supports fully

this ETTL way of lighting.

So, no problem, you can do it.

But let's add some magic.

Let's add some elements which are very similar to

what you might know from Nikon ITTL

if you are familiar with that.

Let's just assume you need light

which is perfectly spot on.

Maybe you are shooting something commercially

and maybe you cannot afford the slightest lighting mistake.

And maybe you do not want

to fiddle around with A:B ratios.

You want to setup directly the power

of each group individually.

Let's say you want flash group A to be your main light

and to overexpose by exactly 1/3rd of an f-stop

to bring across your subject really shiny.

And you want group B to fire into the back

at manual at full power.

Finally you want a group C

to fill in the shadows at -1 EV

meaning you underexpose the shadows by 1 f-stop.

So you mix and match TTL and manual

just how you need it.

You directly type in what you need

and that is what you get.

No problem with the Odin.

Do you understand how powerful this is?

But, it does not stop there

this thing is really engineered by genius photographers

who - I think - totally understand what we need when

when shooting with off camera speed lights.

This system also supports Hi Speed Sync.

In case you are shooting outside in the sun

and you want to open up your aperture

to have shallow depth of field

and of course to do so you have to

dial up your shutter speed to insane values

like 1/8000 of a second.

I mean, the odin will sync with your speed lights.

No problem.

It also supports zooming the

zoom head of your speed lights from remote.

It also makes my speed lights giving me

autofocus help light,

because my Canon 5D got a really

light hungry autofocus, but no problem.

I mean, there's lots of cool stuff with this system,

but what for me is much much more important

than all of the cool features:

The system is working rock solid.

No misfires what soever. None. Zero.

I guess I took now round about 20000 photos with it

in studio, outdoor, in the forest,

on hot days, on cold days and one time even in the rain

and I never ever had the slightest issue with the system.

No miss fires, no drop outs, always working smoothly.

I mean, anyway, the build quality of this system

is really impressive.

If you are looking for a radio trigger, try it out!

Get yourself this system and

let me know in the comments how you like it.

I am sure you gonna love it just like I do.

But anyway, no matter whether you use the Odin

or whether you use the old fashion way

of syncing speed lights,

let's say PC cords, in any case,

I wish you a lot of fun with your photo shoots

and I wish you good light!

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