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The coolest photo of yourself - go into the matrix - for free on photokina

Want to have some fun at photokina? Need something supercool for yourself and probably for your partner who joined you even though she/he is not sooooo photography crazy like you are? Then I got something for you. Today all exhibitors of photokina were finishing their booths and setting up everything for the grand opening tomorrow. I found plenty interesting things, but the one that was most fun was the Matrix ring.

Our friends from ADF, Otto Fotostudio and 3D-VIZ teamed up and prepared a ring of 18 cameras that synchronously expose a floating 360° view of a person who is standing in the middle of the ring. If you visit them and tell them that you are a cousin of mine, then guess who will be the person in the ring? Correct, it’s yourself - and your partner if you wish so. 

To give you a taste of what our friends are capable of when they really push the envelope, have a quick look at this video which shows the matrix shoot with which they grabbed the world record for the biggest matrix camera ring.

Worldrecord camera matrixring

Download High Resolution, .mp4, 74MB
Download for iPhone and mobile, .m4v, 17MB

Isn’t that lovely?

Being gray haired but young at heart, old cousin Michael gave this fun a try today. The outcome is technically a little film - though philosophically I would swear it’s a photograph. And in my humbly opinion it’s the coolest photo that someone has taken of me - ever.

Check out jumping cousin Michael over here, click on the image and keep your mouse button pressed on the image

==> Cousin Michael in the Matrix

And yes, the doctor just changed my meds, but that’s a whole different story.

For sure it’s a technical masterpiece to fire 18 cameras synchronously. But what impressed me even more, they manage to have a rock solid tethering of all of the 18 cameras to their Mac book. Do you have an idea how bad ass that is? Cousin Michael usually has a hard time to establish a solid tethering with a single camera. Unfortunately, their technical guru would not tell me about the secret sauce that they add for tethering, unless I get him a really good whiskey. It’s understandable that this is a well guarded secret because the matrix ring is a commercial service that is booked for instance by fashion labels who spice up their presentations with this übercool 360° shoots. 

Since I still had to drive home by car I refrained from drinking a whiskey with their guru and decided to leave this part of the discovery up to you.

Wear your sneakers on photokina so that you can jump high and be sure to check out

The Matrix Ring
Hall 4.1, Booth A008

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I wish you good light!
-- Michael


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awesome stuff Michael :-)

Coinneach, it wasn't me who did the matrix photos. All I did was putting the music below the video and tell the people where to find the ring at photokina. Hope they come again on the next photokina!

Hey Michael,
I realise it's not your pic but the subject is awesome. the pose and the expression:)

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