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I'm having a (Light-) Blast!

Spicing up your photos with a bit of an interesting pattern can now be done with your speedlight and an awesome new little tool.


This video is a little preview of a story, which will be released in Good Light! Magazine Issue 7 this weekend. When producing the "Gear Tip” article for Issue 7, I had a lot of fun playing around with the Light Blaster.


This contraption is essentially a projector; it is an apparatus that holds a transparency or slide of any image that it then projects forward, usually on to a screen…or onto your model. You will see here that by working “out of the box,” so to speak, and defying convention, you can add a dash of texture to your images and create interesting effects that make your photos sparkle.


Check the video from the Good Light! Magazine article:



Setup with the bright background

Lighting Diagram Light Blaster projecting onto white background


1. Model

2. Wall

3. White curtain

4. Octabox (Luna) with Speedlight (Mitros) on manual 1/32nd power, Radio receiver (Odin)

5. Light Blaster with Speedlight (Mitros) on manual 1/4 power, Radio receiver (Odin)

6. Canon 5D MK III, 1/200s, f/2.8, ISO 100, Radio transmitter (Mitros+)


So much for the setup with the bright background. I think the lowkey setup does not require any explanation.


In the past you would have needed an ultra strong spot with a fresnel lens for this effect, but now you can do it with your tiny hot-shoe flash. Exciting times for us photographers!


To make it a bit more exciting for your right away, I am giving away the Light Blaster as well as a couple of eBooks and other downloads on the Facebook page of my little magazine.


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I wish you good light!


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