Submitted by Michael on Tue, 2010-09-07 10:09

Calibrate your camera lens combination for free at photokina

Are you one of those photographers who want their focus right on the spot? Meaning, when you shoot a portrait you really care that the focus is on the eyeball of the front eye of your subject? And if the focus is on the lashes instead of the eyeball then you consider this one a miss?

Then chances are that you have to calibrate your camera lens combination every now and then. Our cousins from Datacolor are just about to premiere what they call the smarter focus tool:

The Spyder LensCal

To me this tool is looking much better than the DIY solutions for this task that I have seen online and used so far. Ok, ok, if you are into lomography or iphonography you might lol about us DSLR shooters who care about frontfocus and backfocus. Otherwise take the chance and visit Datacolor at photokina hall 4.1, booth E010-F019. If your camera supports calibration, then you can calibrate your camera lens combination with their technician and it will be a free of charge service. I mean, even if I would be into pin-hole-ography I would still go visit them because the cousins from Datacolor are really nice people to talk to - but that’s a different story.

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I wish you good light!
-- Michael

VERY good idea! I will go there!

>>> And if the focus is on the lashes instead of the eyeball then you consider this one a miss?

How long are those eyelashes? Or how shallow is the DoF?

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