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Photography practise and Leica philosophy

Before we start into the new year with new shiny lighting setup, please allow me one post which is much more simple. "Reduced to the Maximum" - is the awesome philosophy behind Leica S cameras, which for me represent a pinacle of quality. Do I need to upgrade my gear to Leica in order to benefit from this philosophy? Not really necessary. For me it just means that I have to focus on shoots with as few moving parts as possible. In other words: I try to keep things simple. Especially when it comes to trying out gear, which I never used before.


Because I am a firm believer in the "Reduced to the maximum" kind of thinking, I could not resist when Cousin Blende666 gave me the chance to try out a Leica S2 medium format camera in a quick little shooting with the lovely model Sarathustra. Did we travel to a location in the wild in order to use the camera in the rough environment it is made for? Nope. Did we keep things simple? Yep. Did we still learn a lot and had fun? You bet! Check it out:


It would make me super happy if the one thing you take away from this video is: even when you challenge yourself to try out something new, keep things as simple as possible. It's going to be fun anyway so no need to go overboard with your ambitions.

I wish you good light!
-- Michael


Model: Sarathustra

Styling: Emily

Photos: Blende666 and Michael Zelbel

Studio: Fotomagic



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