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Your artwork on the finest canvas - for free at photokina (and how you seal your work with a hologram)

If I invest a whole lot of time into shooting and retouching a photo, then I believe it deserves a really good presentation afterwards. I mean, it’s cool that I can share it in amazing quality as a JPG online, but that’s nothing compared to the sexyness of a really good print. Here’s where the company Hahnemuehle comes into play, because they simply provide the best print media that I am aware of.

If you have seen them last photokina, wasn’t it nice how they provided us with big sample packs of their best papers? This time they won’t do that. Well, at least not officially. Does that mean you go home without some nice fineart barytha paper for your inkjet? No way! Since you are one of the SmokingStrobes cousins you just go to their booth at and ask them for a sample pack. Or two.

Hahnemühle Hall 6.1, Booth C021

They promised me personally to hand out sample packs to you, so please take them up on this offer. And while you are there make sure you participate in their haptic test. They let you reach into a blackbox in which your fingers can feel 4 different canvasses. You tell them which one feels best for you and their lucky fairy will do her best to let you win a sample pack of your favorite canvas. Chances are magnificent - promise!

Sounds fun, right? Before you go do one last thing: Whip out your memory stick with your favorite photo and ask them where to get a sample print of your image on cool Hahnemühle canvas. They know which of the printer manufacturers is sample printing on which of their material. My bet: They will send you to Epson in hall 2.2 where they then plug in your precious memory stick and print out your photo.

But let’s assume you are more serious about printing your artwork onto fine canvas and selling it, then their service

maybe excellent for you. This is a webservice with which you can register your artwork, you get a hologram seal and put in onto the back of your work. It ensures that it is an original, registered copy of your work. Since I sell editioned prints of my photos, I am currently considering using their service. Not so much because I am afraid that someone illegally copies my prints - boy I would absolutely celebrate the day that ever happens. No, but I think it gives my customers a very nice feeling to know that their editioned copy is registered and protected by a hologram seal. I really like it. Hahnemühle is currrently relaunching the website of this service. At photokina they will open up the website again and they will show you a film explaining the service in detail. If that is for you, then take the chance and talk to them about the service directly at photokina.

I absolutely love Hahnemühle because they really do care. Visit them - see yourself.

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I wish you good light!
-- Michael

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