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The Path To Your Photography Goal

My last post in this awesome year: Today it's all about laying the foundation for you to reach your goals in photography. Whether you just want to take better photographs, get a larger audience for your photos or you like to have a successful photography business and make money with photography - the principles are always the same.

If you are someone who wants to get somewhere with your photography, then it is important that you are crystal clear regarding where you would like to get. What exactly is it, that you want to achieve. I guess it is understandable that you need clarity on this one. However, what might be counter intuitive and what is a bit different than most guru’s will make you believe is, that you also need to know the way to where you want to get. You need to know this way right from the start. Otherwise you will most probably never get to your success. Let me explain that in a video:

I wish you good light!
-- Michael


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OK, now it is clear!
Really, thanks lot.

Hi Michael,
My goal is to come and work for you for a few years and sap all your knowledge.

Great site.

Truffle, I will share all my knowledge with you in videos. Even while you are working on your own projects. But maybe one day we can shoot together, for instance in your country - whereever you live.

I read almost all of your blog and it is so helpful!! Thank you so much! Keep up the good work!

I am so glad you like it!

Michael! I hope you don't mind but your videos are full of so much knowledge I felt the need to link your blog to mine. If this is a problem let me know and I will remove it. My Blog is http://joshuamaurerphotography.wordpress.com/ in case you want to make sure I'm using your link purely for good! Have a good one

Very appreciated, Joshua. Thanks a lot!

Thanks for tip. Great site. I first found you on youtube as I am currently starting to learn about lighting.

Hey Michael,
Haven't seen you posted here in a while. Wondering how was your new years and when we can expect some new content that you so graciously post on the web for all us newbies.

Thanks a lot, Mike!
Yes, I took a break from blogging in December. I wanted to dedicate all am spare time to my family in that month. It was really nice. I hope I can take that nice holiday spirit into the whole year of 2011.

Hi Michael
I only discovered your site yesterday, I just wanted to say how inspiring it is and well put together it is too. I have been watching each video one after the other... I can't seem to stop.

Thank's for sharing your thoughts and knowledge! I'm just beginning to learn about speed light lighting, I can't begin to tel you how useful this site is.

Thank you so much cousin Jason!

Hi Michael. Like many other viewers I also found one of your flash related videos on YouTube and then visited your blog. Really great work: Clear and helpful information on short videos ending with a "get better at it, you (also) can" ;)
Amazing. Thanks and keep them coming.

One thing that has really stroke a chord was how your setups are simple, the camera settings almost always the same, and that you shoot through umbrellas with speedlights. No fancy gear, not even softboxes.

I'm in awe!

Of course a good looking model also helps...

Thanks a lot, cousin Alex. Yes, nowadays my striplights, softboxes and my octabox usually lay around unused in my stock room. However, one thing that those boxes actually do better than umbrellas is shielding stray light to the sides of the light source. In setups, in which stray light to the sides is an issue, I need to shield it by placing a gobo inbetween or by hanging some dense fabric at the side of the umbrella. But usually I rather do this than pulling out the sofbox :-)

But having said that, there is absolutely nothing wrong with softboxes and octabanks - they are great lightsources, too.

plz insert some images it will be helpful for us nice blog i think its great like ur previous post

I love photography, and i take photos everywhere i go, whether it is a camera or a mobile phone..
It is quite a art, to take the best photographs..
This post helped me a lot to understand more about photography..

I have a non-digital automatic-focus Fuji that I've owned since 1988. It always took such beautiful photos, with the best color of any camera I'd seen. It always made people look really good, with excellent color. It recently stopped working and will cost $80 to repair. Any thoughts on whether I should get it repaired of by digital. I mainly use it for personal photography.

Hello Michael, I have really enjoyed watching your youtubes, and love your work ! You have taught me so much. I'm just getting into photography. I have OK equipment. I have two JTL studio lights, SB-900 & SB -700 Flashes. Nikon D-5000.

My question to you is this. What would be the best lens for my D-5000 to capture the kind of work your doing. Indoors, Glamour type stuff ?

How about a Nikon 18-200 VR as your bread and butter lens and in addition to that a 50mm prime (any 50mm prime) for those photos on which you like a shallow DOP? That's pretty much like I am working.

Thanks a lot!

Great simple CLEAR content, thanks a lot!!

Thanks a lot, cousin David!

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