Submitted by Michael on Thu, 2010-09-23 15:30

Free beer for the flashmob at photokina

You’ve been running around at photokina all day long, bought a new speedlight and now you would like to enjoy a beer or two and start playing with your new gadget?

Then Kodak’s flashmob tomorrow (Friday) evening at 20:00 is the party for you. The word “Flashmob” is Socialmedia Web 3.0 speak for something, that will be solid real world fun: A crowd of photographers is gathering at a secret open air place place in the center Cologne. At 20:00 sharp they all start firing their flashes. Kodak has a remote controlled "quadrocopter" flying above the place to film it and blog the whole thing online. After that, the party starts at a venue close to the flashmob and the beer is on Kodak.

I absolutely love the idea and if I got a chance to make it tomorrow at 20:00 I will join the flashmob.

Check out the quick little promo vid that they did here at photokina for the flashmob party:

Yes, the reason for the party is the 125th birthday of Kodak. It’s clear that Kodak won’t pretend that this birthday does not exist, but who in good old Kodak is crazycool enough to organize a FLASHMOB? Of course their lead bloggers Madlen Nicolaus and Jenny Cisney. Both of them will be at the flashmob so take the chance to meet them. They are awesome, so nice and energetic!

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I wish you good "flash" light!
-- Michael


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