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What makes me think that DSLR video seriously rocks?

I never really looked into DSLR video. OK, I recorded a couple of blogpost web videos with my DSLR, but that’s it. I always ran into the common problems and issues. The focus was far off the mark, sound was bad, pans and zooms were so jerky that they would have scared you away if I had used them in the blogpost.

Until now I had no clue about DSLR video. I did not know what a DSLR rig or a follow focus wheel would be useful for. I just did not care about producing high quality video ... until now. Now I changed my mind. And as a SmokingStrobes viewer you are the first that I am telling this story. I made a quick little video in order to share my thoughts about that

Here’s the links from within the video. The two FotoTV films are free at the time of this writing. The require nothing more than a free registration:

The Yuri Arcurs Microstock Workshop
The Interview with the CEO of Shutterstock


Check this downloadable DVD at F-Stop Academy:
How Drew Gardner shoots Commercial Videos on his DSLR


I mean yes, shooting commercial video can be intimidating. There are a quadrillion of things you can fuck up while you record your material - and there’s no Photoshop that saves your soul when you discover after the shoot, that accidentally there was a can of Pepsi visible in the background of the frame when you were shooting the commercial for Coke :-) Just kidding. However, I strongly believe that the challenges of video are not so big once you know how to overcome them. A few pointers of that I provide in this video and watch out for more tips to come.

I wish you good light!
-- Michael

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All of you are really funny!

Really look forward to seeing what you do with video !! And in particular how you'll light scenes, best of luck !

Excellent. I really like what you are doing.

Thank you for posting your videos. I found lots of them on search of files http://byfiles.com and enjoyed them indeed. You take wonderful photographs, I am inspired by your work, and I hope one day I will be able to make my camera produce images as good as yours! P.S.Now I know why you wear those designer jackets....it really hides the microphone you are wearing. Very clever. ;)

My cousin owns a DLSR camera. We had this multimedia project entitled Jonathan Budd Mastermind story We took videos in it bad the recorded sound was bad. The video quality is fine but the audio is so jerky. We decided to use an HD camcorder anyhow.

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