Submitted by Michael on Wed, 2010-06-30 13:28

My new rhythm: Doing it every Thursday!

I know, I know, I’m lazy. So far I did post just once per month over here. Lame! Yesterday a reader told me that he is loving my videos but he never knows when to come back to the blog in order to see the next one.

That struck me. I suddenly felt like I’m doing half assed blogging over here. I don’t want anybody to check out the blog just in order to be disappointed because there is nothing new. I would like you to know exactly when you can expect some cool new stuff on this website so that it pays of for you to visit the site.  

What I am going to do is posting in a constant rhythm. I figured that Thursday is a good day for me to release new stuff. So I’m going to post every Thursday over here. I got enough interesting topics, more than I could ever tape on video, so the content won’t be an issue. Photography techniques, photography tips & tricks, lighting setups – lot’s of it! What might be critical is the time it takes. I’ve got to work to earn my rent, thus the time for blogging is limited. But I’ll make time.

Therefore, if you like what you see over here then check back every Thursday afternoon, probably around 8 p.m. EST.
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Alternatively, subscribe to the RSS feed of SmokingStrobes.

Finally, how about if you drop me an email and tell me what is a topic that you would like to see covered in one of my videos? What is a big question regarding photography for you? I’m curious.

I wish you good light!
-- Michael

Glad to see that you will be posting regularly. I just found your blog and have learned a lot of simple and very useful ideas.

Thank you so much, David!

Once every week!!?? Are you mad?

I don't believe you will be able to keep up with that pace. If you do it every 2 weeks, I will still be fine with it.

Thank you for your excellent video blogs.
Happy shooting!


Thanks a lot, Frank! Currently I really love to make this little videos. So posting one per week is OK. But yes, times may change and I might have to focus more on work and then I might have to change to another schedule.

But for the time being, it's fine.

Good light!
-- Michael

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