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Get the goose bumps: instant photography meets darkroom magic, DIY at photokina

When was the last time that you rushed into the darkroom in order to quickly develop your photo on a barytha silver halide paper? OOuups - was that the wrong question? No problem. Just take the chance and do it at photokina so that you don’t have to blush anymore someone asks you.

I promise it’s a lot of fun. The wonderful Susanna Kraus who you might know from the Imago1:1 camera, is showcasing the Harman direct positive paper at her booth:

Hall 6, Booth C030

She will let you experiment with this new silver halide paper with various cameras such as pinhole, medium and large format cameras. You will develop you instant photograph directly so that you can see the result.
If you don’t know Susanna Kraus yet then take this chance to meet her and talk to her - she is really an awesome person.

If you get appetite for instant photography you might as well drop by the impossible project, the cool dude who putted Polaroid photography back onto the map:

The Impossible Project
Hall 2.1 Booth B3

I mean seriously, I’m not sure if Fuji and Polaroid would have come up with their Instax cameras and Zero Ink technology and stuff, if the cool Impossible Project guys like André Bosman and his peers, would not have revitalized the polaroid scene. I personally love shooting polaroids and I am very grateful for what the impossible project has made possible.

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I wish you good light!
-- Michael


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