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Christmas Themed Photoshoot for GoodLight Mag

It's Thanksgiving today! Happy Thanksgiving! While everybody starts preparing for a delicious and opulent Turkey meal, yours truly is already wrapping his head around the advancing Christmas season. With Advent being around the corner it is a great idea to give your next photo shoot a Christmas theme and produce some nice photos for postings and greetings. While todays video might give you an idea for the shoot, on the website of our new GoodLight Magazine we have a giveaway for you which might bring you a speedlight and a costume for your model just in time:


==> Speedlight Giveaway

I totally enjoyed meeting up with cousins Feifei and Metin in order to put our heads together, come up with three simple and straight forward sets for a christmassy model shoot and try all of them out in a joint shooting. Whenever a couple of photographers team up to realize an idea, there is plenty of stuff they are learning from each other. All 3 ideas are going to be showcased and explained in GoodLight Issue 03/2012 which comes out December 15th (given it is approved in time by apple). But as a preview, here is already a video with a sneak peak at our first idea, the self made red ribbon costume. You will find more on that and two more ideas inside the mag.



Lighting Diagram

Before you now go ahead and plan your shoot, take a second and secure your chance for our giveway. You simply need to add a comment to our


==> Speedlight Giveaway Page

I wish you good light!
-- Michael


Model: Emily





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