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This is How Photographers Setup Google Buzz For Maximum Distribution of Their Photos

Google Buzz LogoSetup Google Buzz and Google Profiles in a way, that helps you to get more eyeballs for your photographs. Since it is getting harder and harder to find an audience for a portfolio, it's important that you use social media to your advantage.

I experimented a bit with Google Buzz and I developed a little strategy, that will help you to leverage this new service without actually investing any more time than you usually invest to post your photos on Flickr or somewhere. If you don't already have accounts on gmail, flickr and ping.fm, then let's start by setting up these three services for you. It takes only a moment. Otherwise, skip this step and jump right to the video, which explains how to configure the services so that they are working beautifully for you.

1. Setup A GMail Account
You don't need to USE GMail, all you need is an account

==> http://www.google.com/accounts/NewAccount?service=mail

2. Setup A Flickr Account

First register a Yahoo ID, after that click on "flickr" in their left hand navigation and choose a flickr username

==> https://edit.yahoo.com/registration

3. Setup A Ping.fm Account

This service will distribute your photos and your status updates accross all social platforms that you like, including Google Buzz

==> https://ping.fm/signup/

Now watch this short video


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Good light!
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