Glamour Photography TipsSubmitted by Michael on Sat, 2010-03-27 13:36

Shoot with your DSLR tethered via USB into Lightroom3 Beta2

One of the things that makes this weekend real fun for me is the 2nd Beta release of Photoshop Lightroom 3. It contains a ton of impressive improvements.

The speed increased, the luminance noise reduction is improved and a lot more. However, there’s the one new killer feature that I am really excited about. And that is shooting tethered directly into lightroom. A dream come true. OK, it is not 100% stable yet but it’s good enough for hobby shoots. The thing that I particularly like: On the tethered capture bar in Lightroom I can even select the development preset that lightroom applies to the photos I am going to shoot. And I can change it any time I want. Thank you, Adobe!

Check the video to see it in action:
Walk straight into the Adobe labs and grab your copy of Lightroom 3 Beta 2:

==> http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/lightroom3/

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